bellevue club services

personal training

Making the choice to commit to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle can be a big decision. At the Bellevue Club, we strive to make this process as smooth as possible. Our personal trainers are certified by a nationally accredited organization, and customer service representatives are available to help you select the most appropriate trainer for your needs. View more club services >

metabolic testing

It's a fact that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. So how many calories does your body need each day? And how many calories do you burn during your daily activities and while you exercise? You can discover the answer to these questions by using the Club's metabolic testing services.

nutrition counseling

If you have ever tried to make changes in your nutrition, you know there is a lot of conflicting information available. The goal of the Club's nutritionists is to help you make sense of all that information. They can also help you change the patterns of eating behaviors that are troublesome or unhealthy.

body composition assessment

Skin fold calipers and a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is used to assess your body fat percentage. Includes a printout of your body-fat percentage, lean body weight, fat weight and goal weight.

fitness assessment

One of our Club's top personal trainers will meet with you to discuss your lifestyle and goals. The session includes a blood pressure check, body fat test, predicted VO2 max test, strength test, waist-to-hip ratio, BMI and a flexibility assessment.

fitness room orientations

Appointments can be made at the Athletic Services Desk for a complimentary 30-minute weight room orientation at a time that is convenient for you. The purpose of an orientation is to give you a general overview of the room and show you how to use the equipment. It is not geared toward setting up a personalized exercise program.

blood pressure check

5 minutes, Complimentary

Call the Athletic Services Desk at 425-688-3177 for reservations.